Code of Conduct

The Vue.js Japan User Group make sure to provide an environment where all members can participate in meetups and other events, and Slack, without harassment, regardless of gender / gender expression / sexual orientation / disability / appearance, race, ethnicity, religion, or technology choice.

The Vue.js Japan User Group will not tolerate any form of harassment. Sexual language and images are inappropriate in all settings and places related to the event and community, including conversations, workshops, social gatherings, parties, online media and SNS such as Twitter. At the discretion of the Vue.js Japan User Group, whoever in our community violate these rules will be restricted from participating in the Vue.js community, or asked to leave without a refund of their participation fee.

Harassment includes discrimination based on gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, disability, appearance, race, ethnicity, religion, technology choice, sexual images in public spaces, intentional intimidation, stalking, harassment through photography or recording, repeated and intentional disruption of other events or talk, inappropriate physical contact, and unwanted sexual attention.

Anyone who is found to be engaging in harassment must promptly comply with any request to stop such harassment.

Sponsors are also subject to this anti-garassment policy. In particular, sponsors should not use visual representations, activities, materials, or other items that may provoke sexual interest. Booth staff, including volunteers, should not use sexually suggestive clothing / uniforms / costumes.

If a participant is engaging in harassment, the Vue.js Japan User Group reserves the right to take whatever action we deem appropriate against the person(s) engaging in the harassment, such as removing them from the event without warning or refunding their participation fee.

If you are being harassed, are aware that someone is being harassed, or have concerns about you or someone being harassed, please contact the Vue.js Japan User Group immediately.

The Vue.js Japan User Group will provide any support such as find hotel/venue security, contact the police, provide an escort to ensure a safe environment for anyone experiencing harassment. Your participation and contribution is of utmost importance to us, and we will always stand by those who have been harassed.

We expect all participants to follow these rules at all venues, workshops, and social events planned and managed by the Vue.js Japan User Group.