Welcome to Japan’s largest Vue.js Community.

Welcome to the Vue.js Japan User Group.
We are the largest Vue.js community in Japan ,
organizing the annual Vue Fes Japan ,
translating official Vue.js documentation into Japanese ,
and contributing to the spread of Vue.js in Japan
and the Vue.js ecosystem.

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The Vue.js community in Japan is looking forward to meet you.

Vue.js creator Evan You also participates in Japan largest conference "Vue Fes Japan" as well as the regularly held and popular Vue.js user study group, "v-tokyo Meetup", and many other events around Japan.

From the latest Vue.js information including Vue.js 3.0, to amazing tips to make your daily development more fun, to a Drink Up Party with delicious food and fun drinks. So, are you ready to connect with the best of the best?

  • Yoshiya Oki at Vue Fes Japan 2018.
  • Sarah Drasner at Vue Fes Japan 2018.
  • Evan You at Vue Fes Japan 2018.

Evan You at Vue Fes Japan 2018.


Anytime, anywhere,
Everyone is waiting for you.

In the Vue.js Japan User Group Slack, we have over 4,000 members having fun discussions every day. For those of you who have complex questions or just want to discuss things in depth, we've prepared a Japanese category in the Vue Forum.

Anyone can join now, freely, from anywhere. You will be warmly welcomed by community members from all over Japan.

Avatar 001

Arisa Miyake

3:12 PM

Have you seen the Composition API in Vue.js 3 RFC? It's amazing! It looks new. What do you guys think?

Avatar 002

Kenji Yamadera

3:19 PM

There's a plugin for Vue.js 2 that you can try out. I think I'll try it out and write an article about it.

Avatar 003

Ai Nakagawa

3:25 PM

It's amazing! I know this is going to be controversial, but I'm really curious to see what happens next!


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Vue.js is a product with a wide range of community connections, including documentation in various languages, all of which are made possible by the cooperation of volunteers. The Vue.js Japan User Group also places great importance on community connections.

We believe that we can contribute to the Vue.js community not only in Japan, but also around the world through our various projects and activities to promote Vue.js in Japan.



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